Labels for line features

Linear features, such as streets, rivers, utility lines, contours, and airways, are typically labeled using different labeling styles. For example, you might want the label for a river to follow the curvature of the feature and be spread out along the feature, but the label for an interstate highway to be placed horizontally in a highway shield symbol at several locations along the highway. The Maplex Label Engine offers a wide variety of placement styles for an array of label placement scenarios.

Sometimes you need precise control over how a label is placed on a line. This is particularly useful when placing multiple labels on a feature. For example, it's common to see diameter, material, and flow labels for individual pipe features on a utility map. Such maps may require that specific labels be placed at the beginnings or ends of the lines and either above or below the lines.

Street maps have their own special label placement requirements. The Maplex Label Engine has placement strategies that are optimized for placing street labels and also street address ranges. You can apply these street placement procedures to any type of line feature.

Contours also have their own special label placement requirements. Using the Maplex Label Engine, you have control over the laddering of the labels and the alignment of the labels to either the page or the elevation.

Rivers normally require generalization of their turns, and it is preferable to use the Maplex Label Engine to place the label following that smoother line. The River placement style also allows the label to be placed following more than one bend.

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