Add a map

You can provide additional visual context to the report by including a map. This is done by adding a map frame to a Report Header or Footer, Group Header or Footer, or Details subsections.

When added to the Report Header or Report Footer subsection, the map frame is static. The initial scale of the map may change to preserve the defined extent. You can manually modify this once it has been added to the subsection.

When placed in a Group Header, Group Footer, or Details subsection, a map frame is dynamic. It updates to reflect the geographic extent of the feature or features in that subsection—for example, all features included in a group or the single feature of focus in the Details subsection. This change occurs regardless of the map chosen.

  • Dynamic map frames cannot be added to reports originating from stand-alone tables.
  • Map frames cannot be added to Page Header or Page Footer subsections.

Add a map to a report subsection

Complete the following steps to add a map frame to a report subsection:

  1. Click the subsection in the report view or select it in the Contents pane to activate the subsection.
  2. On the Insert tab, in the Map Frame group, click Map Frame New Map Frame.

    A gallery showing all map and scenes in the project appears. All maps and scenes with their associated bookmarks are listed. If the view is open, the current extent is also listed.

  3. Choose the view to use in the map frame.
  4. Drag a box inside the active subsection to place the map frame.

    The map frame is added to the subsection. A preview of the chosen extent appears.


    The initial scale of the map may change to preserve the defined extent.

Change the map in the map frame

You can change the map referenced by a map frame.

  1. Double-click the map frame, or right-click it in the Contents pane, and choose Properties.

    The Element pane appears.

  2. On the Options tab Options, under Map, choose a different map or scene from the drop–down menu.

    When you change the map referenced by a map frame, the map draws at the default extent.

If the map is static, you can right-click the map frame and click Activate Activate Map Frame to adjust the extent. Alternatively, right-click a map frame and click Zoom To Last Active Map Zoom to Map View to update the map frame's extent to match that of the last map view you interacted with.

To work in the static map outside of the report view, open the map directly from the map frame. Right-click a map frame and click Open Open. The map or scene view opens.

Modify the properties of a map frame

Once a map frame has been added to a report, you can make changes to its appearance and properties in the Element pane.

  1. Either double-click the map frame or right-click it in the report subsection and click Properties Options.
  2. Update the map frame properties such as the name, display options, border, background, shading, and placement of the map frame.

    The constraints of the map frame can be set in the same manner as those in a layout.

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