Create jobs

Available with Workflow Manager license.

A job is a single unit of work in the ArcGIS Workflow Manager system. In some organizations a job may be known as a work order or a task. It can be assigned to a person, multiple people, or a group and scheduled for completion by a certain date. It includes the workflow steps and the job's details, outlining its scope. A job can also contain additional instructions for completing steps, attachments, the job's location, and associations to spatial data.


You must have sufficient privileges to create jobs in ArcGIS Pro.

Complete these steps to create a job in ArcGIS Pro.

  1. Connect to a workflow item.
  2. Click Create Job Create Job in the Workflow pane.

    The Create Job page appears in the Workflow pane.

  3. Locate the job template for the type of job you want to create and click Create Default.

    You can type a keyword in the Search Templates text box to filter the list to job templates that contain the keyword.