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ArcGIS.Desktop.Editing Namespace / ParallelOffset Class
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    ParallelOffset Class Members
    In This Topic

    The following tables list the members exposed by ParallelOffset.

    Public Properties
    Public PropertyGets If two or more connected lines should have their direction temporarily aligned for the purposes of the copy. (Default value = false)  
    Public PropertyGets if connected lines should be copied to separate lines. (Default value = false).  
    Public PropertyGets the shape of corners created in the copied lines. (Default value = ParallelOffset.CornerType.Mitered)  
    Public PropertyGets the offset distance in map units. (Default value = 0)  
    Public PropertyGets the number of parallel offset copies to create. (Default value = 1)  
    Public PropertyGets if self intersecting loops should be removed in the copied features. (Default value = True)  
    Public PropertyGets the lines to be copied from.  
    Public PropertyGets on which side of selected lines the offset lines will be copied. (Default value = ParallelOffset.SideType.Both)  
    Public Methods
    Public Methodstatic (Shared in Visual Basic) A class representing the parameters for copying parallel line features.  
    Public Method Returns a ParallelOffset.Builder from the current ParallelOffset.  
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