An overview of the Annotation toolset

The Annotation toolset contains tools that allow you to automate your annotation workflow.


Annotate Selected Features

Creates annotation for the selected features of a layer. The labeling properties defined in the annotation class properties of the specified related annotation feature classes are used.

Contour Annotation

Creates annotation for contour features.

Convert Labels To Annotation

Converts labels to annotation for a single layer or the entire map. Both standard annotation and feature-linked annotation can be created.

Convert Labels To Graphics

Converts labels to graphics for a single layer or an entire map.

Map Server Cache Tiling Scheme To Polygons

Creates a polygon feature class from an existing tiling scheme.

Tiled Labels To Annotation

Converts labels to annotation for layers in a map based on a polygon index layer.

Update Annotation Reference Scale

Updates the reference scale of an existing annotation or dimension feature class.

Tools in the Annotation toolset

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