An overview of the Geodatabase Administration toolset

The Geodatabase Administration toolset contains tools for a variety of geodatabase management tasks. Specific geodatabase data management tools as well as geodatabase upgrade, management, and maintenance are covered by the tools in this toolset.


Analyze Datasets

Updates database statistics of base tables, delta tables, and archive tables, along with the statistics on the indexes of those tables. This tool is used in enterprise geodatabases to help get optimal performance from the relational database management system (RDBMS) query optimizer. Stale statistics can affect geodatabase performance.

Change Privileges

Establishes or changes user access privileges on the input enterprise database datasets, stand-alone feature classes, or tables.


Compresses an enterprise geodatabase by removing states not referenced by a version and redundant rows.

Configure Geodatabase Log File Tables

Alters the type of log file tables used by an earlier release enterprise geodatabase to maintain lists of records cached by ArcGIS.

Create Database Sequence

Creates a database sequence in a geodatabase. You can use the sequences in custom applications that access the geodatabase.

Create Database User

Creates a database user with privileges sufficient to create data in the database.

Create Enterprise Geodatabase

Creates a database, storage locations, and a database user to act as the geodatabase administrator and owner of the geodatabase. Functionality varies depending on the database management system used. The tool grants the geodatabase administrator the privileges required to create a geodatabase; it then creates a geodatabase in the database.

Create Role

Creates a database role, allowing you to add users to or remove them from the role.

Delete Database Sequence

Deletes a database sequence from a geodatabase.

Delete Schema Geodatabase

Deletes a geodatabase from a user's schema in Oracle.

Diagnose Version Metadata

Identifies inconsistencies in the system tables used to manage traditional versions and states in a geodatabase.

Diagnose Version Tables

Identifies inconsistencies in the delta (A and D) tables of datasets that are registered for traditional versioning.

Enable Enterprise Geodatabase

Creates geodatabase system tables, stored procedures, functions, and types in an existing database, which enable geodatabase functionality in the database.

Export Geodatabase Configuration Keywords

Exports the configuration keywords, parameters, and values from the specified enterprise geodatabase to an editable file. Change parameter values or add custom configuration keywords to the file and use the Import Geodatabase Configuration Keywords tool to import the changes to the geodatabase.

Import Geodatabase Configuration Keywords

Defines data storage parameters for an enterprise geodatabase by importing a file containing configuration keywords, parameters, and values.

Migrate Object ID To 64-Bit

Migrates a dataset's or multiple datasets' ObjectID field to 64-bit object IDs.

Migrate Storage

Migrates the data from a binary, spatial, or spatial attribute column of one data type to a new column of a different data type in geodatabases in Oracle and SQL Server. The configuration keyword you specify when migrating determines the data type used for the new column.

Rebuild Indexes

Rebuild existing attribute or spatial indexes in enterprise geodatabases. Indexes can also be rebuilt on states and state_lineage geodatabase system tables and the delta tables of datasets that are registered to participate in traditional versioning. Out-of-date indexes can lead to poor query performance.

Register With Geodatabase

Registers feature classes, tables, views, and raster layers with the geodatabase. Registering is used for data created in the database with third-party tools using SQL or in ArcGIS Pro with tools that do not register with the geodatabase (Create Unregistered Feature Class, Create Unregistered Table, and Create Database View tools).

Repair Version Metadata

Repairs inconsistencies in the versioning system tables of a geodatabase that contains traditional versions.

Repair Version Tables

Repairs inconsistencies in the delta (A and D) tables of datasets that are registered for traditional versioning.

Update Enterprise Geodatabase License

Updates the ArcGIS Server license in an enterprise geodatabase.

Update Portal Dataset Owner

Updates the portal owner of a dataset to another user.

Upgrade Dataset

Upgrades the schema of a mosaic dataset, network dataset, annotation dataset, dimension dataset, parcel fabric, trace network, utility network, or 3D object feature class to the current ArcGIS release. Upgrading a dataset enables it to use new functionality in the current software release.

Upgrade Geodatabase

Upgrades a geodatabase to the latest ArcGIS release to take advantage of new functionality.

Tools in the Geodatabase Administration toolset

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