An overview of the Photos toolset

The Photos toolset contains tools for analyzing and managing digital photograph files. The toolset includes tools for creating a point feature class from geotagged photo files (photos that were captured from a GPS camera device or a smartphone) and matching photo files to features or table rows based on the time stamp of the photo.

Mobile devices that capture photos as well as GPS coordinates are becoming increasingly common. These geotagged photos have been supported by a number of websites that enable users to upload photos and view a map of where the photos were taken. The locations in these photos can now be imported to ArcGIS where the point features can be managed, modified, and analyzed by the full suite of ArcGIS geoprocessing tools.

Similarly, the desire to add location information to photo files (and the reverse, to add photo information to existing feature or tabular data) has become prominent, as photos, which are inherently geographic, provide exceptionally rich information about the appearance and conditions at a location at a set point in time. The tools in the Photos toolset enable this connection between traditional tabular and feature data and photo information.


GeoTagged Photos To Points

Creates points from the x-, y-, and z-coordinates stored in the metadata of geotagged photo files (.jpg or .tif). You can add the photo files to the output features as geodatabase attachments.

Match Photos To Rows By Time

Matches photo files to table or feature class rows according to the photo and row time stamps. The row with the time stamp closest to the capture time of a photo will be matched to that photo. A new table is created that contains the object ID values from the input rows and their matching photo paths. You can also use this tool to add matching photo files to the rows of the input table as geodatabase attachments.

Tools in the Photos toolset

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