Number of Retries on Failures (Environment setting)

Tools that honor the Number of Retries on Failures environment will retry the same worker process a specified number of attempts when there is a failure processing a particular job.

Usage notes

  • Occasionally, failures are encountered when running parallel raster analysis jobs.
  • For example, if the tool is running with a custom Python raster function code, failures can be caused by third-party Python code, such as memory errors when the worker process is processing a particular section of an image.
  • Having the worker process retry a particular section can recover analysis jobs.

Dialog syntax

  • Number of Retries on Failures—The number of retries that will be attempted when a worker process fails. The default is 0.

Scripting syntax

arcpy.env.retryOnFailures = retry_on_failures



The number of times a worker process will be retried when there is failure processing a particular job. The default is 0.

retryOnFailures syntax

Script example

import arcpy

# Set the retry on failure to 3
arcpy.env.retryOnFailures = 3

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