Output M Domain (Environment setting)

Tools that honor the Output M Domain environment will generate output datasets with the specified measure domain (m-domain).

Usage notes

  • Unlike x,y and z-domains, the m-domain of a feature class in a feature dataset is not constrained to match the feature dataset's m-domain. Feature classes created in a feature dataset will get their m-domain from the Output M Domain environment, not from the feature dataset.
  • If the M Resolution environment is set as well as the Output M Domain environment, the resolution value is used in combination with the domain's minimum value.
  • It is recommended that you use the M Resolution environment in conjunction with the Output M Domain environment to avoid creating a dataset with extremely small resolution value. Extremely small resolution values can cause poor performance of the software when the data is used.

Dialog syntax

  • Same as Input—Use the m-domain from input data.
  • As Specified Below—Use the following fields to specify the domain range:
    • Min M—Minimum m-value
    • Max M—Maximum m-value

Scripting syntax

arcpy.env.MDomain = "mMin mMax"



The minimum m-value.

Setting the m-domain to an empty string will default to using the m-domain from input data.


The maximum m-value.

MDomain syntax

Script example

import arcpy

# Set the MResolution first
arcpy.env.MResolution = 0.0001 

# Then set the MDomain (only the origin will be used when the resolution is set)
arcpy.env.MDomain = "0 10000000"

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