003819: Exported <value> rows that were skipped <value>.


Some records could not be processed when loading data. These records were exported to the specified file path so they can be reviewed. This message is often paired with additional warnings or error messages indicating the specific problem. The Feature IDs specified in these warning messages are referencing either the original source dataset, or if a custom append is being performed, the staging dataset that is used for calculations. When a staging dataset is used, the exported dataset will include a field named STG_OID, which should be used to match to any warning messages. If no STG_OID field is included in the exported dataset, the warning messages are referencing the original source dataset.


Open the exported dataset and review any additional error or warning messages returned by the tool. Determine which fields may be causing the problem when attempting to load data to the target dataset. Correct the field values or field mapping settings in the Data Loading Workspace and rerun the tool.