010191: PATHDISTANCE: Format error in the horizontal factor parameter file.


The horizontal factor file is an ASCII file with two columns on each line. The first column identifies the horizontal relative moving angle (HRMA) in degrees, and the second, the horizontal factor (HF). Each line specifies a point. Two consecutive points produce a line segment in the HRMA-HF coordinate system. The angles must be input in ascending order.


Make sure your horizontal parameter file is in the correct format. The following list of issues identifies the most common problems encountered with the horizontal factor parameter file:

  • Make sure that there are two columns.
  • Make sure in the first column, the HRMA rangesare between 0 to 180 and are in ascending order.
  • Make sure that in the columns, the HRMA and HF values are separated by a space.
  • Make sure that only one angle and one factor are specified on a line.
The documentation for How PathDistance works gives more information on the formatting of the parameter file.