010357: The number of layers in the index/grid-name list does not match the number of the layers in the signature file.


There is a problem with the signature file. In a signature file, the series of layers or rasters that were used to create it are identified in the #Layer-Number Grid-name list. The input rasters are used to calculate the statistics for each class. For each class, the layer number is identified. The covariance matrix is determined based on these layers. Following is the initial portion of an example signature file:

    # Signatures Produced by ClassSig from Zone-Grid redsamp5 and Stack redlands
    # Number of selected grids
    /*        3
    # Layer-Number        Grid-name
    /*        1            redlands3
    /*        2            redlands1
    /*        3            redlands2
The number of inputs used to create the covariance matrix must be the same as the #Number of selected grids and number of entries in the # Layer-Number Grid-name list.


Make sure the following are the same in the signature file:

  • # Number of selected grids
  • # Layer-Number Grid-name
  • The number of layers in each class #Layers
  • The covariance matrix
If this is not the case, try re-creating the signature file.