Returns an image file’s Exchangeable image file format (EXIF) metadata, including XMP format.


An image file can contain any number of EXIF properties. This method returned a selected set of EXIF properties stored under the EXIF tag. It also returns additional properties stored in XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) format if available in the image file.


GetImageEXIFProperties (geotagged_image)
パラメーター説明データ タイプ

The image file path that contains geotagged EXIF properties.

(デフォルト値は次のとおりです None)

データ タイプ説明

The output metadata.

Longitude and latitude will be in decimal degrees, and altitude will be in the unit defined in the image EXIF.

Longitude, latitude, and elevation will be returned in the first three index positions of the list. EXIF properties will be returned in the next position as a dictionary, using the following EXIF tags as keys.

  • EXIF_DateTimeOriginal
  • EXIF_FocalLength
  • EXIF_FocalLengthIn35mmFilm
  • EXIF_PixelXDimension
  • EXIF_PixelYDimension
  • EXIF_FocalPlaneResolutionUnit
  • EXIF_FocalPlaneXResolution
  • EXIF_FocalPlaneYResolution
  • EXIF_Model
  • EXIF_Make
  • EXIF_BlackLevelRepeatDim
  • EXIF_BlackLevel
  • EXIF_GPSImgDirection
  • EXIF_GPSImgDirectionRef
  • EXIF_Orientation

The EXIF properties are returned in XMP format.

If no valid EXIF properties information is found, the function returns None.

GetImageEXIFProperties sample output

Return EXIF properties from JPEG image.

[7.172077777777778, 50.68396666666666, 60.0, {'width': 2592, 'height': 1944, 'planes': 3, 'EXIF_KIND': 'IMAGE', 'EXIF_BAND_COUNT': 3, 'EXIF_HAS_TABLE': False, 'EXIF_HAS_XFORM': False, 'EXIF_DateTimeOriginal': '2009:01:13 11:38:12', 'EXIF_FocalLength': 11.3, 'EXIF_PixelXDimension': 2592, 'EXIF_PixelYDimension': 1944, 'EXIF_Model': 'Caplio 500SE ', 'EXIF_Make': 'RICOH ', 'EXIF_GPSImgDirection': 27.7, 'EXIF_GPSImgDirectionRef': 'M', 'EXIF_Orientation': '1'}]


GetImageEXIFProperties example

Return EXIF properties from a JPEG image.

import arcpy

# Get exif metadata in JSON format from image