Replication and geodatabase compatibility

Available with Standard or Advanced license.

Geodatabase replication in ArcGIS Pro provides support for multiple replication types and dataset types.

Versioning options

Branch versioning is not supported for any data source in any geodatabase replica type.

Having a combination of versioning registration types is not supported when creating a geodatabase replica:

  • Two-way replicas require data to be registered for traditional versioning.
  • One-way replicas require the source data to be registered for traditional versioning. The target data in a one-way replica can be nonversioned if you use a simple access type model.
  • Checkout replicas allow traditional versioned or nonversioned data but cannot contain a combination of both registration types. If working with nonversioned data, a combination of archive-enabled data and data without archiving enabled is not supported.

See Prepare data for replication to get started with geodatabase replication.

Dataset support

The following table lists geodatabase datasets and their compatibility with geodatabase replication in ArcGIS Pro:

Learn more about replicating datasets that participate in advanced geodatabase functionality

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