Correct invalid attribute values

In the Attributes pane, the Select Only Invalid Objects command Select Only Invalid Objects filters the current selection to include only features with attribute values that violate the rules of your geodatabase such as a nullable field, a relationship rule, or an attribute domain assigned to a field.

When you use this command, consider the following:

  • If a value breaks an attribute rule, a notification appears at the top of the pane for the selected field, showing the rule that is preventing your changes.
  • If your workflow requires the ability to override values, such as domain values or fields that do not allow nulls or empty field values, turn attribute validation off.

To select and correct invalid attribute values, perform the following steps:

  1. If a filtered selection exists, clear the selection or restore the selection to its unfiltered state.

    To deactivate the current editing tool, press the Esc key or click the back arrow in the Modify Features pane.

  2. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab. In the Selection group, click Attributes Attributes.
  3. In the Attributes pane, click the Selection tab.

    Selection tab

  4. Click the Select tool Select and select the features.

    The selected features appear in the pane selection tree view.

  5. In the pane selection tree view, right-click the layer and click Select Only Invalid Objects Select Only Invalid Objects
    Select Only Invalid Objects

    All features containing valid attribute values are deselected and only the invalid features remain in the selection.

  6. In the pane selection tree view, click the selected feature or record to show its attribute fields on the Attributes tab.
  7. Click a field, right-click the contents, and click one of the following commands:


    Set To '<Null>' NULL

    Set the value to Null if the field accepts null values.

    Revert Undo

    Revert the value to the last stored value.

    Get Unique Values

    Choose a value currently stored in this field.

    Clear Reset

    Clear the value and use the current geodatabase default value.


    If you are validating relationships, make the necessary edits to the relationships or the related objects to make the feature valid. This may require adding and deleting relationships or altering the subtype of one or all of the features.

  8. If Auto Apply is checked, click Apply.

    If the change prompt is turned on for uncommitted edits, and you do not apply or cancel your edits before switching to another map, you are prompted to apply or cancel any uncommitted attribute edits.

    Uncommitted attribute edits