Create a group template

Group templates are created and configured in the Manage Templates for a selected feature template that functions as the primary template. The primary template determines the geometry type and the available toolsets for sketching the geometry that essentially drives the placement of secondary features.

The combined characteristics between the primary template geometry type and the selected toolset determine the feature template types and associated builders that are available as secondary feature templates on the Builders side tab.

This topic includes steps for creating a group template, naming it, and adding optional descriptive metadata. For steps to configure the toolset and add secondary feature templates and associated feature builders see Configure a group template.

Group templates are not available with multipoint feature templates.

To create a group template, complete the following steps.

  1. On the Edit ribbon tab, click Manage Templates Manage Templates in the Manage Edits group.

    Alternatively, click Manage Templates Manage Templates in the Create Features pane.

    The Manage Templates pane appears.

  2. Click a layer in the layer view containing the feature template that functions as the primary feature template.

    If a feature template doesn't exist, create the feature template.

    Templates for the layer appear in the template view.

  3. In the template view, click a a feature template that functions as the primary template.

    Choose a primary template with a target layer for the features that are sketched in a map. For example, choose a water service line feature to drive the placement of hydrant point features that are created with a secondary template and associated builder.

  4. Click New > Group Template New Group Template on the template view toolbar.

    The Template Properties dialog box appears.

  5. In the Template Properties dialog box, click the General side tab.

    The name and optional descriptive metadata typed on this tab is searchable in the Create Features and Manage Template panes. Search words are not case sensitive.

  6. Type a name in the Name field.

    This field is required.

  7. Type optional descriptive metadata in the following fields:

    Field nameDescription


    Type a description or the purpose of the template. This field is optional.


    Type one or more optional keywords that allow you to classify or filter the template with the Arrange Templates filter Filter in the Create Features and Manage Template panes.

    • ArcGIS Pro automatically adds a tag for the template type and the geometry type of the target layer for the primary feature template.
    • To delete a tag, click the Delete button Delete next to the tag keyword.

  8. Click OK.

    The settings are saved and the dialog box closes.

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