Create multipatch or 3D object features

The Create 3D Geometry tool Create 3D Geometry creates multipatch and 3D object features. You can draw polygon shapes and extrude them to create volumes or voids, remove faces, and drag edges. This tool is available in the Create Features pane with multipatch and 3D object feature templates.

When you use this tool, consider the following:

Draw a shape and extrude it

To start a multipatch or 3D object feature, draw a closed polygon profile with the pointer and drag the 3D handle to extrude it.


To enter numeric values, enable on-screen constraints on the status bar at the bottom of the scene view.

On-screen constraints toggle button

  1. Add the multipatch or 3D object feature data and configure settings for editing.

    Confirm that the feature layer you are editing is editable, the coordinate system assigned to the active map is suitable for the type of edits you're performing, and snapping is configured.

  2. On the ribbon, click the Edit tab, and in the Features group, click Create Create Features.

    The Create Features pane appears.

  3. Click a multipatch or 3D object feature template in the Create Features pane.

    To find a feature template containing a specific word or phrase, click the Search box Find and enter the search criteria. Search is not case sensitive.

  4. Click the Create 3D Geometry tool Create 3D Geometry.
  5. Click one of the construction tools described in the following table and draw a closed polygon shape.

    Multipatch construction toolbar

    Create 3D Geometry Create 3D Geometry.

    Draw a closed polygon shape. Click to create the first vertex and click again to place additional vertices. To finish the shape, click the first vertex or double-click the last vertex

    Closed Polygon

    While you are drawing a polygon, press the A key to turn the Arc Mode toggle button on and off. To increase or decrease the number of segments that comprise an arc, press the Plus or Minus key, respectively, before clicking the endpoint of the arc.

    Arc Mode

    Circle Circle

    Draw a closed circle shape. Click to create the center of the circle, move the pointer to define the radius, and click again to finish the shape.

    Closed circle

    Rectangle Rectangle

    Draw a closed rectangle. Click to start drawing, move the pointer, and click again to define the first edge. Move the pointer to drag the rectangle to the size you want and click again to close the shape.

    To creates a square, click when the first and second edges highlight orange while dragging the rectangle to the size you want.

    Closed rectangle

  6. Hover over the closed polygon shape. When the move pointer appears, drag the 3D spherical handle and release it when the extrusion is at the desired size.

    If on-screen constraints are enabled, press the Tab key to enter a value.

    Extrude a multipatch profile.

  7. Draw additional polygon profiles on the 3D volume and push, pull, or remove faces until the feature is fully developed.

    See the following example:

    Create 3D geometry.
    An example workflow shows basic multipatch construction techniques.

Push or pull a 3D face

To drag an existing 3D face, hover over the face and drag the 3D handle that appears at its center.

You can drag a face along a global axis, face normal, face normal projected on the ground plane, and special directions from adjacent faces.

Move a face.

Remove a face or create an opening

To remove a 3D face, hover over it. When it highlights, press the Delete key.

To cut an opening on a face, draw a polygon profile on the face and hover over the new polygon. When it highlights, press the Delete key.

Drag an edge

To drag an edge, hover over it and drag the 3D handle that appears on the edge.

To create a roof, draw a line across the top of a 3D volume to split the face. Hover over the ridge line and drag the 3D handle.

Drag an edge.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutActionComment


Switch between drawing lines and two-point arcs.

Create a 3D circular arc with two points that define the start and end points. To increase or decrease the number of segments, press the Plus or Minus key before clicking the end point.


Enter a distance value.

Enter a distance on the Distance dialog box while creating a multisegment, circular, or rectangular profile.

Ctrl + click

Move the 3D handle to the current pointer location.

Press and hold the Ctrl key, move the pointer, and click the new location.

Keyboard shortcuts for the Create 3D Geometry tool