Conversion toolbox licensing

From Excel toolset
Excel To TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Table To ExcelBasicStandardAdvanced
From Raster toolset
Raster To ASCIIBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster To FloatBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster To PointBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster To PolygonBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster To PolylineBasicStandardAdvanced
From WFS toolset
WFS To Feature ClassBasicStandardAdvanced
GPS toolset
Features To GPXBasicStandardAdvanced
GPX To FeaturesBasicStandardAdvanced
JSON toolset
Features To JSONBasicStandardAdvanced
JSON To FeaturesBasicStandardAdvanced
KML toolset
Layer to KMLBasicStandardAdvanced
Map To KMLBasicStandardAdvanced
KML To LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
LAS toolset
Convert LASRequires Spatial Analyst or 3D AnalystStandardAdvanced
LAS Dataset To RasterRequires Spatial Analyst or 3D AnalystStandardAdvanced
SAS toolset
SAS To TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Table To SASBasicStandardAdvanced
To CAD toolset
Add CAD FieldsBasicStandardAdvanced
Export To CADBasicStandardAdvanced
To Collada toolset
Multipatch To ColladaBasicStandardAdvanced
To dBASE toolset
Table to dBASEBasicStandardAdvanced
To Geodatabase toolset
BIM File to GeodatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
CAD to GeodatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
Extract Locations from DocumentRequires LocateXTRequires LocateXTRequires LocateXT
Extract Locations from TextRequires LocateXTRequires LocateXTRequires LocateXT
Feature Class To Feature ClassBasicStandardAdvanced
Feature Class To GeodatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
Mobile Geodatabase To File GeodatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster To GeodatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
Table To GeodatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
Table to TableBasicStandardAdvanced
To GeoPackage toolset
Add Raster To GeoPackageBasicStandardAdvanced
To Raster toolset
Feature To RasterBasicStandardAdvanced
Multipatch to RasterBasicStandardAdvanced
Point to RasterRequires Spatial Analyst or 3D AnalystRequires Spatial Analyst or 3D AnalystAdvanced
Polygon To RasterRequires Spatial Analyst or 3D AnalystRequires Spatial Analyst or 3D AnalystAdvanced
Polyline To RasterRequires Spatial Analyst or 3D AnalystRequires Spatial Analyst or 3D AnalystAdvanced
Raster To Other FormatBasicStandardAdvanced
To Shapefile toolset
Feature Class To ShapefileBasicStandardAdvanced
Transit Feed (GTFS) toolset
Connect Network Dataset Transit Sources To Streets StandardAdvanced
Features To GTFS ShapesBasicStandardAdvanced
Features To GTFS StopsBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate Shapes Features From GTFS

When generating shapes using a road network, this tool requires a Network Analyst license if the network data source is a network dataset but not if the network data source is a service. When generating shapes without using a road network, no additional license is required.

GTFS Shapes To FeaturesBasicStandardAdvanced
GTFS Stops To FeaturesBasicStandardAdvanced
GTFS To Network Dataset Transit SourcesBasicStandardAdvanced