External event registration

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ArcGIS Roads and Highways supports two event registration types: registration of events in the LRS geodatabase and registration of events stored in an external database. Events stored in the LRS geodatabase are stored as feature classes, while external events are stored as tables or feature classes in an external relational database management system (RDBMS).

External events

The Configure External Event With LRS tool allows you to connect to and register your event data even if it is stored and maintained outside of the LRS geodatabase. This is important because some event data is traditionally considered to be nonspatial tabular data.

The LRS allows you to set up a read-only connection to external event data sources and use them to visualize your tabular data in a spatial way and to spatially integrate your business data with other enterprise data.


You can right-click an external event data source in the LRS Hierarchy pane and add it to a map or scene in ArcGIS Pro.

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Learn more about database connections in ArcGIS Pro and setting up a database connection.

The following are data requirements and recommendations for registering an external event with the LRS:

  • Must have an Event ID and Route ID
    • The From Route ID and To Route ID fields are required for events that span routes.
    • The Event ID field in external business tables or feature classes must be text fields.
    • Globally unique identifiers (GUID) are read as text.
  • May have a DateTime field
    • If DateTime is not used, full temporal viewing of event data is not supported.
    • A single effective date can be used, but both from and to dates are recommended.
    • The SQL Server Datetime2 data type is not supported; use the DateTime data type.
  • Point events require only one measure field; linear events require two measure fields.

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