What is ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro?

Available with Business Analyst license.

ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro is a set of powerful analytical tools paired with an extensive collection of demographic, socioeconomic, consumer spending, behavioral, and psychographic data. These data variables can be used in workflows for on-demand analysis. For instance, create a color-coded layer to visualize patterns, perform target marketing to analyze your customer base, or build an infographic template to visualize key indicators pertaining to your sites.

When your organization administrator assigns you a license for ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro, Business Analyst capabilities become available in ArcGIS Pro. These capabilities are available on the Analysis tab in the Business Analysis gallery or in the Geoprocessing pane. The Business Analysis gallery contains curated workflows, including performing analyses, setting the data source, and creating custom data. The Geoprocessing pane includes the Business Analyst and Territory Design geoprocessing toolboxes. You can create automated workflows by combining these tools using Python or ModelBuilder.

Within ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro, you can:

  • Analyze trade areas.
  • Identify new locations, such as for stores, hospitals, or service branches.
  • Find new customers, clients, or patrons.
  • Refine marketing or outreach messaging.
  • Evaluate sites.
  • Reveal untapped markets or underserved communities.
  • Run reports and infographics for analysis.
  • Create, balance, and maintain territories through territory design solutions.

There are a multitude of ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro use cases. These are just a few examples of how different industries can utilize ArcGIS Business Analyst Pro to analyze data and inform decision-making:

  • A commercial real estate company can perform suitability analysis to find the most suitable market to site a new facility on behalf of a retail client. To learn how to do this workflow, see Tutorial: Create a territory solution
  • A nonprofit combining their own grant data with Business Analyst at-risk population variables to calculate available per-capita funding using the custom data workflow.
  • A marketing firm that specializes in college recruiting could perform a territory design solution to divide a county into recruitment zones to allocate resources so that each recruiter has a similiar workload. To learn more, see Balanced territories for college recruiters

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