Save a layout file

A layout can exist outside of your project as a layout file (.pagx). This makes it easier to create templates or share existing layouts. A layout file includes the page, layout elements, and any maps referenced by map frames on the page. The data displayed in these maps, however, is not included in the layout file—only the paths to it. This means that if data cannot be found in the expected location when the layout file is opened, those layers will not draw and the data sources must be repaired.

When you add a layout file to a project, it draws exactly as it was saved, provided the data referenced in any of the maps in the layout is accessible. Certain pieces of dynamic text, such as date or user, update appropriately.


Layout files (.pagx) saved using ArcGIS Pro 2.0 and later cannot be imported by previous versions of ArcGIS Pro.

Save your layout

To save a layout file, complete the following steps:

  1. Open a layout.
  2. On the Share tab, in the Save As group, click Layout File Save as Layout File. Alternatively, right-click the layout in the Catalog pane and click Save As Layout File Save as Layout File.
  3. On the Save Layout As Layout File dialog box, browse to a folder location or accept the default location. Provide a name for the new layout file or accept the default name.
  4. Click Save.

For more information about creating layouts, see Add a layout to your project.

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