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ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping Namespace / StyleItemType Enumeration
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In This Topic
    StyleItemType Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Specifies the type of StyleItem.
    Color A single color defined by values in a supported color model.
    ColorRamp An array of colors in a specified pattern or scheme.
    DimensionStyle A style used to draw Dimension features.
    Grid A grid layout element.
    Legend A legend layout element.
    LegendItem A legend item layout element.
    LineSymbol A symbol to draw line features.
    MaplexLabelPlacement A set of rules based on the Maplex label engine determining how labels will be placed in relation to features.
    MapSurround A map surround layout element (excludes surrounds with their own type e.g. North Arrow).
    MeshSymbol A symbol to draw multipatch features.
    NorthArrow A directional layout element used to indicate north orientation.
    PointSymbol A symbol to draw point features.
    PolygonSymbol A symbol to draw polygon features.
    ScaleBar A layout element that graphically indicates map scale.
    StandardLabelPlacement A set of rules based on the standard label engine determining how labels will be placed in relation to features.
    TableFrame A table frame layout element.
    TableFrameField A table frame field layout element.
    TextSymbol A symbol to draw labels or annotation features.
    Unknown A generic, unspecified style item.
    StyleItem class.
    Create Line Element
    //Must be on QueuedTask.Run(() => { ...
    //Build geometry
    List<Coordinate2D> plCoords = new List<Coordinate2D>();
    plCoords.Add(new Coordinate2D(1, 8.5));
    plCoords.Add(new Coordinate2D(1.66, 9));
    plCoords.Add(new Coordinate2D(2.33, 8.1));
    plCoords.Add(new Coordinate2D(3, 8.5));
    Polyline linePl = PolylineBuilderEx.CreatePolyline(plCoords);
    //Reference a line symbol in a style
    var ProjectStyles = Project.Current.GetItems<StyleProjectItem>();
    StyleProjectItem style = ProjectStyles.First(x => x.Name == "ArcGIS 2D");
    var symStyle = style.SearchSymbols(StyleItemType.LineSymbol, "Line with 2 Markers")[0];
    CIMLineSymbol lineSym = symStyle.Symbol as CIMLineSymbol;
    //Set symbolology, create and add element to layout
    //CIMLineSymbol lineSym = SymbolFactory.Instance.ConstructLineSymbol(ColorFactory.Instance.BlueRGB, 4.0, SimpleLineStyle.Solid);
      container, linePl, lineSym, "New Line");
    Create Point Element
    //Must be on QueuedTask.Run(() => { ...
    //Build geometry
    Coordinate2D coord2D = new Coordinate2D(2.0, 10.0);
    //Reference a point symbol in a style
    StyleProjectItem stylePrjItm = Project.Current.GetItems<StyleProjectItem>()
             .FirstOrDefault(item => item.Name == "ArcGIS 2D");
    SymbolStyleItem symStyleItm = stylePrjItm.SearchSymbols(
                          StyleItemType.PointSymbol, "City Hall")[0];
    CIMPointSymbol pointSym = symStyleItm.Symbol as CIMPointSymbol;
    var elemInfo = new ElementInfo()
      CustomProperties = new List<CIMStringMap>() {
         new CIMStringMap() { Key = "Key1", Value = "Value1"},
         new CIMStringMap() { Key = "Key2", Value = "Value2"}
      Anchor = Anchor.TopRightCorner,
      Rotation = 45.0
    var graphic = GraphicFactory.Instance.CreateSimpleGraphic(
                                  coord2D.ToMapPoint(), pointSym);
      container, graphic, "New Point", true, elemInfo);
    How to apply a point symbol from a style to a feature layer
      // var map = MapView.Active.Map;
      // if (map == null)
      //        return;
      // var pointFeatureLayer =
      //       map.GetLayersAsFlattenedList()
      //          .OfType<FeatureLayer>()
      //         .Where(fl => fl.ShapeType == esriGeometryType.esriGeometryPoint);
      //   await ApplySymbolToFeatureLayerAsync(pointFeatureLayer.FirstOrDefault(), "Fire Station");
      public Task ApplySymbolToFeatureLayerAsync(FeatureLayer featureLayer, string symbolName)
        return QueuedTask.Run(async () =>
          //Get the ArcGIS 2D System style from the Project
          var arcGIS2DStyle =
    Project.Current.GetItems<StyleProjectItem>().FirstOrDefault(s => s.Name == "ArcGIS 2D");
          //Search for the symbolName style items within the ArcGIS 2D style project item.
          var items = await QueuedTask.Run(() =>
          arcGIS2DStyle.SearchSymbols(StyleItemType.PointSymbol, symbolName));
          //Gets the CIMSymbol
          CIMSymbol symbol = items.FirstOrDefault().Symbol;
          //Get the renderer of the point feature layer
          CIMSimpleRenderer renderer = featureLayer.GetRenderer() as CIMSimpleRenderer;
          //Set symbol's real world setting to be the same as that of the feature layer
          //Apply the symbol to the feature layer's current renderer
          renderer.Symbol = symbol.MakeSymbolReference();
          //Appy the renderer to the feature layer
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    Target Platforms: Windows 11, Windows 10

    ArcGIS Pro version: 3 or higher.
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