ArcGIS Pro 3.3 API Reference Guide
ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping Namespace / RangeExtent Class

In This Topic
    RangeExtent Class
    In This Topic
    Represents an extent defined by a min and a max value.
    Object Model
    RangeExtent ClassRangeExtent Class
    public class RangeExtent 
    Public Class RangeExtent 
    RangeExtent contains two properties Min and Max which defines an extent. Either property can be set to null. When Min is null it means the range extent begins infinitely small and when Max is null this means it ends infinitely large. This is useful for example when setting the MapView.Range property to show all values smaller than a given number, all values larger than a given number or to just show all values.
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    Target Platforms: Windows 11, Windows 10

    ArcGIS Pro version: 3 or higher.
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