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ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping Namespace / ClassFlagOption Enumeration
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In This Topic
    ClassFlagOption Enumeration
    In This Topic
    Enumeration to represent options for classification flags for a point cloud filter.
    Exclude Points with this flag will never be displayed.
    Ignore This flag does not contribute to point filtering. Points with this flag will be displayed, but if a point that does not have this flag is represented by another flag that is set to be displayed, then points that do not have this flag can also be displayed. This is the default.
    Include Points with this flag will be displayed.
    Update the ClassFlags for PointCloudSceneLayer
    //Must be called on the MCT
    //var pcsl = ...;
    var filters = pcsl.GetFilters();
    PointCloudFilterDefinition fdef = null;
    if (filters.Count() == 0)
      fdef = new PointCloudFilterDefinition()
        //7 is "edge of flight line" - exclude
        ClassFlags = new List<ClassFlag> { 
           new ClassFlag(7, ClassFlagOption.Exclude) }
      fdef = PointCloudFilterDefinition.FromCIM(filters);
      //keep any include or ignore class flags
      var keep = fdef.ClassFlags.Where(
             cf => cf.ClassFlagOption != ClassFlagOption.Exclude).ToList();
      //7 is "edge of flight line" - exclude
      keep.Add(new ClassFlag(7, ClassFlagOption.Exclude));
      fdef.ClassFlags = keep;
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    Target Platforms: Windows 11, Windows 10

    ArcGIS Pro version: 3 or higher.
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