An overview of the Conditional math toolset

Available with Spatial Analyst license.

Available with Image Analyst license.

The Conditional tools allow you to control the output values based on the conditions placed on the input values. The conditions that can be applied are of two types: queries on the attributes or a condition based on the position of the conditional statement in a list.

The attribute query tools explicitly identify all cells that are evaluated as True. These cells can retain their original value, be set to another value, or be set to NoData. The cells that are evaluated as False can be set to a set of values different from the True condition. For example, if the value in the input raster is greater than ten, return one; otherwise, return 100.

  • The Con and Set Null tools can use a where clause as a logical expression to define the attribute query.

The positional condition requires an input parameter (either a raster or constant) specifying the position of the conditional statement (either a raster or constant) that should be used for the output. For example, if the value for a specified cell of the input raster is 1, return the value specified by the first input in the list; if a cell in the input raster is two, return the value specified by the second raster in the list, and so on.

  • The Pick tool allows you to specify a list of inputs to provide the output value from, based on the value of the position input.

The following table lists the tools that perform conditional analysis and provides a brief description of each.



Performs a conditional if/else evaluation on each of the input cells of an input raster.


The value from a position raster is used to determine from which raster in a list of input rasters the output cell value will be obtained.

Set Null

Set Null sets identified cell locations to NoData based on a specified criteria. It returns NoData if a conditional evaluation is true, and returns the value specified by another raster if it is false.

Tools in the Conditional toolset

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