ArcGIS Pro licensing

After ArcGIS Pro is installed on a machine, it is enabled for use when it can get a valid license.

ArcGIS Pro can be configured to use different license types. Depending on the license type, licenses are authorized, managed, and validated by ArcGIS Pro in different ways. These license types allow you to optimize the value of your licenses based on the answers to logistical questions, such as the following:

  • Will one person or many use ArcGIS Pro?
  • If many people use it, will they work at the same time?
  • Will the person or people always use ArcGIS Pro on the same computer?

Different license levels—Basic, Standard, and Advanced—provide progressively more functionality. Similarly, licenses for extension products provide additional functionality that is tailored to specific needs. (Extensions require a separate license and may need to be installed separately.)

License duration can affect whether a license is currently valid.

The sections below and other help topics explain licensing options and workflows in more detail.

License types

There are three license types:

  • Named User licenses are associated with the GIS Professional and Creator user types in an ArcGIS organization. By default, licenses that are included with ArcGIS Desktop are also Named User licenses that can be assigned to Creators in an ArcGIS organization.
  • Single Use licenses are associated with ArcGIS Pro as a stand-alone application. The Named User licenses that are included with ArcGIS Desktop can also be converted to Single Use licenses if the corresponding ArcGIS Desktop licenses are Single Use.
  • Concurrent Use licenses can be converted from the Named User licenses that are included with ArcGIS Desktop if the corresponding ArcGIS Desktop licenses are Concurrent Use.

ArcGIS Pro license levels

An ArcGIS Pro license has one of three license levels:

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Advanced

Each license level enables progressively more functionality in ArcGIS Pro.

An ArcGIS Pro license that is included with ArcGIS Desktop has the same level as the corresponding ArcGIS Desktop license.

License duration

ArcGIS Pro licenses are either subscription or perpetual. A subscription license is renewed annually. A perpetual license entitles you to use the application indefinitely.

Named User licenses are subscription-based. They are renewed annually along with your ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise organization. It is necessary to stay current with an Esri Maintenance Program to receive product updates and technical support, and to keep your ArcGIS organization active.

Single Use and Concurrent Use licenses can be either subscription or perpetual licenses.

Extension product licenses

ArcGIS Pro extension products integrate seamlessly with the core application to provide specialized functionality. Extensions are licensed separately from the core application but must have the same license type (Named User, Single Use, or Concurrent Use) as the core application with which they are used. Extensions don't have license levels—they work with any license level of ArcGIS Pro.


ArcGIS Desktop extension products include licenses for both the ArcGIS Desktop version and the ArcGIS Pro version of the extension (if an ArcGIS Pro version exists). However, the ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro versions are separate products and the licenses are authorized separately.

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