ArcGIS Pro 3.3 API Reference Guide
ArcGIS.Desktop.Mapping Namespace / BasicFeatureLayer Class / InsertDefinitionQuery Method
A DefinitionQuery object.
A boolean to indicate it should be the active definition query.

In This Topic
    InsertDefinitionQuery Method (BasicFeatureLayer)
    In This Topic
    Inserts a DefinitionQuery. If makeActive is true, makes it the active definition query. This method must be called on the MCT. Use QueuedTask.Run.
    public void InsertDefinitionQuery( 
       DefinitionQuery definitionQuery,
       bool makeActive
    Public Sub InsertDefinitionQuery( _
       ByVal definitionQuery As DefinitionQuery, _
       Optional ByVal makeActive As Boolean _


    A DefinitionQuery object.
    A boolean to indicate it should be the active definition query.
    This method or property must be called within the lambda passed to QueuedTask.Run.
    A definition query with the same name already exists in the list.
    Where clause of the definitionQuery is empty.
    The DefinitionQuery.Name of the definitionQuery cannot already exist in the list of DefinitionQueries. When Name is empty, an automatically generated name gets assigned.The DefinitionQuery.WhereClause cannot be empty.

    Target Platforms: Windows 11, Windows 10

    ArcGIS Pro version: 3 or higher.
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