An overview of the Archiving toolset

The Archiving toolset contains tools for managing geodatabase archiving. Archiving in ArcGIS provides the functionality to record and access changes made to data in a geodatabase. Geodatabase archiving is the mechanism for capturing, managing, and analyzing data change.

Organizations need to preserve the changes made to their data to answer common questions, such as the following:

  • What was the value for a certain attribute at a specific moment?
  • How has a particular feature or row changed through time?
  • How has a spatial area evolved over time?


Disable Archiving

Disables archiving on a geodatabase feature class, table, or feature dataset.

Enable Archiving

Enables archiving on a table, feature class, or feature dataset.

Trim Archive History

Deletes retired archive records from nonversioned archive-enabled datasets.

Tools in the Archiving toolset

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