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Release notes for ArcGIS Pro 2.3

Learn about the bugs fixed at this release of ArcGIS Pro.

Issues addressed

The list of issues addressed describes bugs that were reported to Esri Technical Support and are fixed in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.



The project templates provided with ArcGIS Pro are suitable only for English-language customers in North America.


Match-AT mosaic datasets created using ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro do not align properly when compared to one another in the same map document.


The Search Intersections option on the Address Inspector context menu is unavailable when the active locator is a composite locator on local disk or a geocode service.


Layer 3D To Feature Class: An incorrect multipatch output is produced when the extrusion is from the base height of each feature.


When an ArcGIS server connection fails, the error message that appears includes hard-coded English text.


Export to PDF does not overwrite if the PDF is open, and it doesn't produce an error message.


Geodatabase Connection Properties is not accessible when the connection is created using the Transparent Network Substrate (TNS) name for an Oracle geodatabase.


Extract Multi Values to Points fails when the input points feature is an XY Event layer.


Document how labeling properties are read and mapped to vector tile style properties.


Centered curved and centered horizontal positions do not work for the contour placement style.


FNMOC GRIB data does not display variable names correctly.


The Create Map Tile Package tool returns incomplete tiles when the input raster does not contain pyramids and statistics.


When viewing an item's metadata in the Details panel of the catalog view, the alt (hover) text of the thumbnail image is not localized.


When browsing My Content in the active portal, if multiple items are selected for deletion, only one of the selected items is deleted.


Importing an .mxd file with a nonrectangular Legend Default Patch into ArcGIS Pro converts the patch to a rectangle and shifts the symbol for All other values at the bottom.


Allow control of the heat map symbology to set a static range that does not adjust based on the visible data.


Dynamic Text: Map frame coordinate tags should be displayed in the gallery in the same configuration as they appear on the layout.


The Eliminate Polygon Part tool does not map the attribute table fields correctly to the output feature class.


When using the Create Scene Layer Package tool, the 3D object in the scene layer package does not display correctly in the ArcGIS Pro scene view or the ArcGIS Online Scene Viewer.


Provide the ability to preview tables in the catalog view.


The TrueType fonts in ArcGIS Pro do not sync with the installed Windows fonts.


Legends are not updated for closed layouts when new layers are added to the map frame when the Synchronize with map option for New Layer is enabled in the Legend properties.


If there is a error in the _init_(self) function in a Python toolbox, a license error is returned.


The Apply Symbology From Layer tool does not apply symbology properly when run through the Python window or ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET.


Sorting a hosted feature layer on a Domain field and scrolling through the table prompts the following error: Failed to retrieve a page of rows.


When publishing point layers with multiple label classes, only the first label class is used for vector tiles.


ArcGIS Pro 2.0 fails to align a georeferenced FGDB raster.


Editing a script in ArcGIS Pro with a Script Editor assigned, opens both editors.


Editing a script validation in ArcGIS Pro breaks the lines in the script in Notepad.


Decimal places cannot be added to the Degree Minute Second location unit.


True curves of a feature class are densified into linear segments in the spatial view created.


Anchor point selections in the text formatting toolbar change the horizontal and vertical alignment of text within an inserted text box in a layout.


When a numeric SQL expression is applied in the label properties of ArcGIS Pro, no labels appear when publishing as a vector tile layer in ArcGIS Online.


Redesign the Map Frame insert gallery.


There are hard-coded strings in the Mensuration UI that are not being translated.


The output image from an image service does not display similar to the raster data source if the Custom rendering defaults section is not checked.


If a folder, database, or server has been added to the project and is also in Favorites, removing the item from Favorites causes the item to disappear from the Catalog pane and Catalog view.


Definition query validation incorrectly states no records were returned.


The Layer 3D To Feature Class tool does not convert z-enabled polygon layers properly.


The Locator list box on the Share tab in ArcGIS Pro is cut off where the first locator is listed.


Legend feature display options do not function properly when symbolizing by unique fields on data stored in an Oracle enterprise geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro.


Range domains are not honored in the attribute pane.


The Layer 3D To Feature Class tool produces an incorrect multipatch output when the extrusion is from the absolute height of each feature.


The project templates provided with ArcGIS Pro do not appear on the start page if ArcGIS Pro is not installed in the default location.


If ArcGIS Pro is not installed in the default location, and a project is created using the project templates provided with ArcGIS Pro, the new project crashes when the changes are saved.


The error Failed: The field is not nullable occurs when the LAS Point Statistics By Area tool is run in ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1 on a shapefile with polygon features outside of the data's extent.


Check boxes on the Licensing settings page do not accurately reflect the Enabled or Disabled status of external extensions.


The error Column value is null occurs when the locks information is accessed in the geodatabase administration window.


Connecting to an Oracle enterprise geodatabase advances the sequence used to generate table REGISTRATION_ID.


WMS is incorrectly labelled as Web Map Tile Service on the ArcGIS Pro help page.


Including an asterisk from the number pad while changing the layer name directly from the Contents pane causes ArcGIS Pro to crash.


The Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset tool does not allow the selection of a file geodatabase as input data on the browse dialog box.


The abbreviation dictionaries labeling settings are not honored in a vector tile package.


The location of the temp directory used by the Image Classification Wizard cannot be set in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.1.


ArcGIS Pro datasets with dashed symbology cause artifacts when zoomed out beyond 1:60,000 scale.


Executing geoprocessing tools with two LAS mosaic datasets results in a partial output, unless the Maximum Number of Raster's Per Mosaic setting is defined as greater or equal to the number of LAS files in ArcGIS Pro 2.0 and 2.1.


Waveform OBJ data imported using the Import 3D Files tool in ArcGIS Pro appears in the wrong position in the scene.


When Service Area per-facility breaks are specified on a Facilities layer, they do not override the Cutoffs set on the ribbon under Travel Settings when using the ArcGIS Online network analysis services.


Keyframes for animation are not captured correctly in the Isometric scene drawing mode.


In ArcGIS Pro 2.1.1, the UAV/UAS images are incorrectly calculated after the images are imported in a mosaic dataset.


An analyzer error should inform that layers using a unique value renderer with Arcade expressions are not supported for sharing as a map image layer with a web feature layer to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6 or earlier.


ERROR 000152: This user-schema geodatabase contains registered data. Empty it before trying to delete again occurs when deleting a user-schema geodatabase using the Delete Schema Geodatabase geoprocessing tool.


A new Project Environment cannot be activated using the Python Package Manager.


The Check Geometry tool returns the error WARNING 000442: could not find spatial index at -1 in feature if the input feature has a join.


Vector tile packages created from multipoint features in ArcGIS Pro do not retain their labels when published to ArcGIS Online.

BUG-000112606 .

The extent in the map view or scene view is not the same when the map is exported to file.


The Apply button is missing or cut off in the Format Legend pane.


The Reverse Direction keyboard accelerator stops working after restarting ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2.


The Layer 3D To Feature Class tool produces an incorrect output when the extrusion is an absolute value based on an expression.


The question mark is not flipped for Arabic locales in the alt (hover) text for the Press F1 for more help option.


Changing the scale down for a multipatch 3D model has issues in ArcGIS Pro.


The layer extent cannot be defined when registering a spatial table with the geodatabase.


The ST_intersects query runs much slower when querying a geodatabase in Oracle after upgrading to a newer version.


Sharing a DEM as a web imagery layer to Portal for ArcGIS through raster function processing using a custom raster function template fails.


Enable all WMS capabilities by default when publishing image service WMS.


In ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2, the drop-down option of Input Features shows all geometry types when a point interactive feature is selected as the input feature in ModelBuilder.


Add domain value support for split by fields.


The ICursor.InsertRow method inserts values in a table when the text field length is greater than 999 in an Oracle 12g geodatabase.


EditCompletedEventArgs reflects zero features created and modified after using the Create Point and Edit Point tools on the ArcGIS Pro Location Referencing tab.


Enrich Layer (and possibly other Business Analyst tools) doesn't work with in_memory workspaces.


The Change Password dialog box does not appear in ArcGIS Pro 2.1 or 2.1.2 when the password is about to expire.


Honor the custom web map symbology for the Living Atlas Layers content when consumed in ArcGIS Pro.


The Web Feature Service (WFS) filter within does not return any objects.


The Edit TIN geoprocessing tool reports Error 050001: Error adding Feature Class to TIN. The coordinates or measures are out of bounds. This error even occurs when input data is valid and in bounds (but only in rare data-specific cases).


The message Paste Features failed appears when copying features and using Paste Special to paste them into a new dataset that does not use a template from the original source feature class.


Product definition options in the documentation for the Create Mosaic Dataset tool do not match what's in the application.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when reverse geocoding with the What's Here tool if a geocoding service set in the active portal uses a custom coordinate system.


Using Make Feature Layer with no map open creates an invalid layer.


The error Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component occurs in Create Route if privileges are not granted to all necessary tables.


An exported raster imagery map (TIFF, PNG, JPEG, PDF) is inconsistent in brightness and contrast.


When creating or opening a project from the New > Portal or Open > Portal options, the list of groups automatically scrolls to the top of the list when you try to access a group's contents.


Summary calculations do not match in Summary Statistics.


FME Geopackage (.gpkg file) line features are not visible if the feature layer is directly added to ArcMap.


When a line feature class with contour placement labels is drawn on top of a polygon with labels that have feature weight, the lines labels disappear.


Domains for all field types, except the Text field in Czech locale, cannot be created.


The Convert Labels to Annotation tool does not respect the Intersection of Inputs extent parameter.


Right-clicking while resizing a pane causes the resize to remain.


Enable Archiving in the context menu has an incorrect ToolTip.


In ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Beta, removing a multipatch layer that is being edited causes the multipatch visualization to persist in a 3D scene.


When a new scene is added to a project in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.3, it assumes the aspect ratio of a previous scene's animation if the previous scene is deleted without first removing the keyframes.


The custom script tool fails if the path to the Python script contains special characters.


Renaming group elements of a legend after using Convert to Graphics causes unexpected selection and ungrouping behavior.


The Lock Type filter does not list any locks on the geodatabase if a type of lock is selected when working with ArcGIS Pro Japanese Language Pack.


Field Calculator fails when SQL is chosen for the expression type in an enterprise geodatabase.


When geocoding Excel sheets whose names contain spaces, Error 732: table name is invalid or does not exist or is not supported in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.3 and 2.2 Beta occurs.


The Stereo Model Selector UI has untranslated strings.


The image disappears after adding the first control point while georeferencing.


The Export Training Data For Deep Learning geoprocessing tool displays incorrect text in the results with Japanese locale.


Performance is slow when drawing layers from an SQLite database.


The value of the existing field of input feature changes to null after running The Extract Multivalues to Point tool in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.


The Is_Versioned function filter logic fails to ensure unique record returns, which results in ERROR: negative substring length not allowed when querying the gdb_items.definition column in PostgreSQL.


The Table To Table geoprocessing tool changes ObjectID values to -1 when output to a .csv file.


The Generate Table From Raster function causes ArcGIS Pro to crash.


The Create Annotation Feature Class function is not available in ArcGIS Pro 2.2 Basic.


A complex reverse stationing creates incorrect routes.


The Extend Route tool returns the error message, The first centerline does not touch the end point of the route. Hence, the route cannot be extended when extending a route by two centerlines and the first centerline does not touch the route.


Validation of the Edit Calibration Point tool fails after extending a route multiple times and reassigning a portion of it.


When visualizing an .flt file with Unique Values as a 3D scene, the interpolated symbology is incorrect, and incorrect color values are added to the scene.


Batch Apply Symbology From Layer only applies symbology to one layer in the list.


A WMTS service added as an item in ArcGIS Online does not display the name of the WMTS service in ArcGIS Pro.


Multiple layers of a WMTS service display only the first layer even when layers are added.


The Create Vector Tile Index tool fails when the output polygon feature class is created in an enterprise geodatabase.


Python packages are missing from the application settings.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when a color tile in the colormap renderer in the Contents pane is right-clicked.


A Multispectral Landsat layer from Living Atlas does not display with the default rendering rule.


When sharing a map that includes an attachment table as a web map to ArcGIS Online, the related table should be included with a web feature layer instead of a stand-alone table in the web map.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when the Load Texture function in the Multipatch Texture tool is used in Polish locale.


PDF export of a map using unique value or graduated color polygon symbology when the outline color is No Color includes outlines.


When creating a Historical Marker for data in ArcGIS Pro 2.2, Japanese characters that start with a consonant cannot be used as the first letter in the name of a marker.


The Python script for Manage Tile Cache does not run in ArcGIS Pro IDLE but runs perfectly when run through Python in ArcGIS Pro.


Inconsistent shadow display behavior in ArcGIS Pro when the scene drawing mode is set to Isometric and Perspective.


3D shadows are not carried over to the exported maps when the scene drawing mode is Isometric.


The progress messages that appear when a map's raster tile layers are taken offline are hard-coded.


The performance of the Extract Multi Values To Points tool is slower than in previous versions of ArcGIS Pro.


Noncataloged or DSN-less connections from ArcGIS 10.6 hang when connecting to DB2 for z/OS databases when using fully qualified domain names.


The text box in ArcGIS Pro Layout cannot be mirrored.


Opening a domains view followed by a subtypes view can lock the scroll bar in the subtypes view.


ArcGIS Server cannot register connections to two different databases made by the same user. This affects Db2, Informix, Netezza, Teradata, Altibase, and Dameng databases.


Polygon and line feature classes imported to PostgreSQL 10.3 and later using the Feature Class To Feature Class tool fail to draw.


Exporting a layout to PDF with data frame rotation applied results in a shift in label placement.


When using the Refine Interior Orientation tool in the ArcGIS Pro 2.2 ortho mapping workspace, the Compute Fiducials tool does not return a result.


The Image list is not updated when taking a fiducial template from a second camera.


In the ArcGIS Pro 2.2 ortho mapping workflow, if an image is eliminated during the tie points extraction, there is no mechanism to add the image back to the project.


Specific control points cannot be sorted or selected using the Ground Control Point Manager in the ArcGIS Pro ortho mapping workspace.


Labels are placed over holes when repeating polygon labels.


Unexpected errors are returned when deleting calibration points in certain scenarios.


In a pop-up, there is no expandable tree to related rows for layers that use a relate.


The Merge option in the Modify Features pane always creates a new feature when the particular feature layer has a join created on it.


The second dynamic text added to a layout retains the properties of the first dynamic text in the Element pane.


Scenes visualized in an Isometric view do not export correctly in ArcGIS Pro 2.2.1.


No information is displayed on the Inspect tab of the Raster Item Explorer when Japanese language pack is applied.


DRA statistics export with poor resolution.


The Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset tool fails with the error message ERROR 000732 Input Data: Dataset does not exist or is not supported when rasters stored in a subfolder of the root in a cloud storage environment are added.


The Extent Indicator is incorrect when two map frames share the same map and the map is reprojected.


The X or Y offset for symbols in the label properties does not accept decimal numbers as input.


After taking a map's feature layers offline, if the layer is joined to an external table, edits do not sync.


When a map's feature layers are taken offline, the layer's original Field visibility settings are lost.


Cannot rename the layout of an imported .mxd file using in the Catalog pane or view.


When a label expression is validated, the result message is hard-coded in English.


A context menu is not available on the ArcGIS Pro start page that allows project templates to be removed from the list.


The Only show features visible in map extent option causes classes to disappear in legends when symbolized on a field with domains and at least one symbol has a font marker applied.


Adding new raster files to a Mosaic Dataset using Synchronize - Update New Items fails with Error: 8004205f: No new mosaic dataset item was added.


The 3D Analyst geoprocessing tool Construct Sight Lines fails with the error message ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Use Shape-Z for the Target Height field if a 3D line feature is an exact vertical line such as a building edge.


Creating a layer package from a feature class with a populated raster field and including the data in the package results in a feature class with the feature type of Raster Catalog Item.


ArcCatalog crashes when the Truncate Table geoprocessing tool is used with a fully qualified sequence length exceeding 29.


When borders of map surrounds have a gradient stroke or picture stroke in ArcGIS Pro, the colors at the lower left edge are inverted.


The Select by Polygon tool clears when panning.


Applying a custom raster processing template built in Python does not validate in ArcGIS Pro 2.2, even though it validates successfully in 2.1–2.1.3 and 10.4–10.6.1.


Dynamic text elements that are "[empty]" continue to display on exported and printed layouts.


Validate Network Topology does not create errors for invalid mid-span connectivity.


ArcGIS Pro crashes or hangs after selecting to edit the vertices of a line that was used to create points along a line.


The Service End Point parameter in the Create Cloud Storage Connection File geoprocessing tool in ArcMap 10.6 and ArcGIS Pro 2.2 cannot be changed.


When there is no projection defined in ArcGIS Pro, the Create Features pane using a circle and defining the radius produces inconsistent results, none of which are ever correct.


Unable to snap to lines when line sketch is constrained parallel or perpendicular.


The Generate OIS Profile Data and Generate OIS Obstacle Data geoprocessing tool documentation needs improved schema descriptions for JSON fields.


Map.SetSelection fires the OnMapSelectionChanged event 18 times while running a trace in a utility network dataset


The ST_Transform function fails with the error message ORA-20002: Error converting spatial reference (SHAPE2) when the custom spatial reference identifier (SRID) and geogtran well-known identifier (WKID) are used.


Changes made to the locator properties of address locators are not saved in ArcGIS Pro 2.2.2 with the German language pack.


If the catalog view or a layout is opened or a model is edited after taking a map's feature layers offline, the Sync and Remove buttons on the Map tab on the ribbon become unavailable.


Overwriting a map image layer to a nonhosting federated server defaults to the hosting server.


Blank fields cannot be added to the field map when using the Feature Class To Feature Class geoprocessing tool.

BUG-000117148 .

The Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool allows a geodatabase to be created in the default postgres database, but ArcGIS cannot connect to it.


The Polygon To Raster geoprocessing tool fails to overwrite outputs created in an In_memory workspace in ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.


The Create Network Dataset From Template tool does not work when the output location is SDE and the network dataset has directions landmarks.


A custom projection selected from Favorites in ArcGIS Pro Options > Map and Scene does not persist when the Options window is closed.


 Using ArcGIS World Geocoding Service in ArcGIS Pro does not honor ZIP Codes in the input.


The Smooth Polygon tool does not smooth the polygons that overlap each other when using the Bezier interpolation method.


The Create Territory Solution tool does not run on localized versions of ArcGIS Pro.


Large appends made to a feature service when it's been downloaded to ArcGIS Pro cause an error when the feature service is synced.


Add a section about parameters that can and cannot be used in the Custom Request Parameters options to the Add WFS Service documentation for ArcGIS Pro.


Geocode results cannot be rematched using the candidate list in the Rematch Addresses pane in ArcGIS Pro.


The Data Reviewer Domain check fails to find invalid domain values for rows in a stand-alone table when using the Run Reviewer Rules option.


Results in the Locate pane are cleared if the focus changes.


ArcGIS Pro crashes when running the Create Integrated Mesh Scene layer package tool when using large size OSGB files as input for the tool.


Sharing as a map image layer results in a stopped service if the data is from a database connection whose user name and password are not saved.


A high rate of edit operations and reconciles generate lock contention on the sde.states table in the version_util procedure new_edit_state.


The US Address - One Range address locator style returns no value for Ref_ID.


Address locator properties cannot be opened when using ArcGIS Pro Basic.


Incorrect distance constraints are applied when creating features in the first map of a newly created project.


After creating a slice shape when running the Slice tool from the Exploratory Analysis option, inaccurate measurements are created in the attribute table of the feature class.


The method fails to set selection when running in a standalone script outside of ArcGIS Pro.


ERROR 001050 Either registered with geodatabase already or cannot open the dataset occurs with an sdo_gtype 4402 spatial table while registering it with the geodatabase.


Portal for ArcGIS user signing out in ArcGIS Pro leaves lock unreleased in the GDB_LOCKS table.


A toolbox created in an enterprise geodatabase cannot be renamed in ArcGIS Pro.


A model cannot be copied and pasted into a toolbox in an enterprise geodatabase.


Issues arise when connecting to and displaying Web Map Services in ArcGIS Pro.


Branch version lock is not released after changing to another version in ArcGIS Pro.


Digital signing add-in with ArcGISSignAddIn.exe increases file size.


Copying and pasting more than 1000 features in a Mobile Geodatabase feature class causes a "table locked" error.


Support Clip By Features in the map view.


Add the Strip Map Index Features tool.


Add the ability to view, copy, and edit ArcGIS Server connection properties.


Remove or increase the search radius value for removing duplicate labels in ArcGIS Pro 1.3.


Add the functionality for creating label classes in ArcGIS Pro by importing the symbology classes.


Modify the in_datasource parameter for the Manage Tile Cache tool to include a map as input.


Allow the field length to be increased for tables or feature classes that contain data.


No warning message appears when a raster without pyramid is added to a map.


Add the ability to close multiple attribute tables at once.


Add an option to choose a default numeric field and its order for attribute preservation when merging existing features.


The Generate Tile Cache Tiling Scheme tool in ArcGIS Pro does not allow .mapx or ArcGIS Pro documents as input.


Warning messages shown during execution of a tool should be included in geoprocessing operation log files.


Add a streaming editing mode to ArcGIS Pro


Offer basemap-dependent default vector symbology in ArcGIS Pro.


When manually adding control points for georeferencing in ArcGIS Pro, the dialog box does not provide an option to enter coordinates.


Update the error message in ArcGIS Pro when trying to add an invalid shapefile.


Add support for enabling the KML capability when sharing as a map image layer to ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 or later.


ArcGIS Pro is missing the Split Polygons tool based on the Existing Features tool (which exists in ArcMap).


The Fillet tool functionality is not available in ArcGIS Pro.


Provide the ability for the PostGIS extension to be installed in any schema (not the Public schema only).


Provide the ability to set a Default Measure mode.


Provide an Attachments tab in the Attributes window for a geodatabase table with attachments enabled and related to a feature class.


Add a ToolTip to inform users that the Classification Wizard is available when rasters are loaded in a scene.


Allow ArcGIS Pro to save georeferencing information in the original raster product by enabling the Save button.


Provide the capability to export using raster-based graphics rather than vector-based graphics.


Remove the Overlapping Centerlines geoprocessing tool.

ENH-000116409 .

Provide additional explanation of limitations when using imagery to derive ground elevations


When the project's link to an item such as a database or folder is broken and this link is fixed, prompt the user before making the same change to data connections in maps, models, and so on in the project.


Add the ability to label the outer ring of the data clock.


The Item Details view of results from the Locate pane only shows fields that match the search query in the current version of ArcGIS Pro. In previous versions (ArcGIS Pro2.1), all fields that are not set to blank in the Locate pane settings are returned.


Enable ArcGIS clients connecting to the Oracle 18c release.


Hyphens should be allowed in server folder names when sharing server-based layers to ArcGIS Enterprise.

ArcGIS acknowledgements

The acknowledgements for ArcGIS can be found on Esri's legal website or in the files installed with ArcGIS Pro at <install location>\ArcGIS\Pro\Resources\SupportDocs.

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