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Projects in ArcGIS Pro

The ArcGIS Pro application allows you to assemble all the resources required to complete a project in one place. A project contains maps, layouts, tasks, and connections to servers, databases, toolboxes, folders, styles, and so on. It can also incorporate content from your organization's portal or ArcGIS Online.

Projects can be created on your local file system, and shared online as a project package. Online projects can be downloaded to complete work locally on any computer.

Work as a team

Projects can be shared as a project package among the members of a team. A senior technical team member can create the project, share the project, and update the project as needed. The team members can download the latest project package so they are always working with the most current project contents. This way, team members don't have to know how and where to access datasets or author maps, they can focus on accomplishing their specific task.

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