Stack or unstack annotation

The Annotation tool Edit Annotation Stack command Stack wraps the text of a single-part annotation feature onto multiple lines based on the spaces within the text, typically between words. You can repeatedly stack a feature until all words are placed on individual lines.


If the Stack command is not enabled when you right-click the feature, confirm that the selected feature is a single-part geodatabase annotation feature, has spaces, and is not curved.

To stack or unstack a single-part annotation feature, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Edit tab, in the Features group, click Modify Modify Features.
  2. Click Annotation Edit Annotation.
  3. Click the Select Annotation tool Select Annotation and select the annotation feature.

    A selection boundary appears around the feature.

    Edit annotation

    By default, the formatting toolbar appears at the bottom of the map. To move the toolbar, hover over an edge until the pointer changes to the move pointer, and drag the toolbar to a new location.

    Formatting toolbar

  4. Right-click the annotation feature, and click Stack Stack to move the next word to a new line.
    Stack annotation
    • To unstack the feature, right-click the feature and click Unstack Unstack.
  5. On the editing toolbar, click Finish Finish or press the F2 key.

    Editing toolbar

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