Data management toolbox licensing

Archiving toolset
Disable Archiving StandardAdvanced
Enable Archiving StandardAdvanced
Trim Archive History StandardAdvanced
Attachments toolset
Add Attachments StandardAdvanced
Disable Attachments StandardAdvanced
Enable Attachments StandardAdvanced
Remove Attachments StandardAdvanced
Generate Attachment Match Table StandardAdvanced
Attribute Rules toolset
Add Attribute Rule StandardAdvanced
Alter Attribute Rule StandardAdvanced
Delete Attribute Rule StandardAdvanced
Disable Attribute Rules StandardAdvanced
Enable Attribute Rules StandardAdvanced
Evaluate Rules StandardAdvanced
Export Attribute Rules StandardAdvanced
Import Attribute Rules StandardAdvanced
Reorder Attribute Rule StandardAdvanced
Contingent Values toolset
Add Contingent ValueBasicStandardAdvanced
Alter Field GroupBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Field GroupBasicStandardAdvanced
Delete Field GroupBasicStandardAdvanced
Export Contingent ValuesBasicStandardAdvanced
Import Contingent ValuesBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove Contingent ValueBasicStandardAdvanced
Data Comparison toolset
Detect Feature Changes Advanced
Feature CompareBasicStandardAdvanced
File CompareBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster CompareBasicStandardAdvanced
TIN CompareBasicStandardAdvanced
Table CompareBasicStandardAdvanced
Distributed Geodatabase toolset
Create Replica StandardAdvanced
Enable Replica Tracking StandardAdvanced
Disable Replica Tracking StandardAdvanced
Synchronize Changes StandardAdvanced
Unregister Replica StandardAdvanced
Domains toolset
Alter DomainBasicStandardAdvanced
Add Coded Value to DomainBasicStandardAdvanced
Assign Domain to FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Create DomainBasicStandardAdvanced
Delete Coded Value from DomainBasicStandardAdvanced
Delete DomainBasicStandardAdvanced
Domain to TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove Domain from FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Set Value for Range DomainBasicStandardAdvanced
Sort Coded Value DomainBasicStandardAdvanced
Table To DomainBasicStandardAdvanced
Feature Binning toolset
Disable Feature BinningBasicStandardAdvanced
Enable Feature BinningBasicStandardAdvanced
Manage Feature Bin CacheBasicStandardAdvanced
Feature Class toolset
Append Annotation Feature Classes

Some parameters are limited by license level -- see the tool reference page for more detail.

Basic (Please see license notes for more details.)StandardAdvanced
Create Feature ClassBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Unregistered Feature ClassBasicStandardAdvanced
Recalculate Feature Class Extent StandardAdvanced
Set Feature Class Split ModelBasicStandardAdvanced
Features toolset
Add Geometry AttributesBasicStandardAdvanced
Add XY CoordinatesBasicStandardAdvanced
Adjust 3D ZBasicStandardAdvanced
Bearing Distance To LineBasicStandardAdvanced
Calculate Geometry AttributesBasicStandardAdvanced
Check GeometryBasicStandardAdvanced
Copy FeaturesBasicStandardAdvanced
Delete FeaturesBasicStandardAdvanced
Dice Advanced
Feature Envelope to Polygon Advanced
Feature Vertices to Points Advanced
Feature to Line Advanced
Feature to Point Advanced
Feature to Polygon Advanced
Geodetic Densify StandardAdvanced
Minimum Bounding Geometry

Some parameters are limited by license level—see the tool reference page for more detail.

Basic (Please see license notes for more details.)Standard (Please see license notes for more details.)Advanced
Multipart to SinglepartBasicStandardAdvanced
Points To LineBasicStandardAdvanced
Polygon to Line Advanced
Repair GeometryBasicStandardAdvanced
Split Line At Point Advanced
Split Line At Vertices Advanced
Subdivide PolygonBasicStandardAdvanced
Table To EllipseBasicStandardAdvanced
Unsplit Line Advanced
XY Table To PointBasicStandardAdvanced
XY To LineBasicStandardAdvanced
Fields toolset
Add FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Add FieldsBasicStandardAdvanced
Add Global IDsBasicStandardAdvanced
Add GPS Metadata FieldsBasicStandardAdvanced
Add Incrementing ID Field StandardAdvanced
Alter FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Assign Default To FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Calculate End TimeBasicStandardAdvanced
Calculate FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Calculate FieldsBasicStandardAdvanced
Convert Time FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Convert Time ZoneBasicStandardAdvanced
Delete FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Disable COGO StandardAdvanced
Disable Editor TrackingBasicStandardAdvanced
Enable COGO StandardAdvanced
Enable Editor TrackingBasicStandardAdvanced
Transpose FieldsBasicStandardAdvanced
File Geodatabase toolset
Compress File Geodatabase DataBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate File Geodatabase License StandardAdvanced
Generate Licensed File Geodatabase StandardAdvanced
Recover File GeodatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
Uncompress File Geodatabase DataBasicStandardAdvanced
General toolset
Analyze Tools For ProBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Database View StandardAdvanced
Delete Identical Advanced
Export Report To PDFBasicStandardAdvanced
Find Identical Advanced

With ArcGIS Desktop Basic and Desktop Standard, you will only be allowed to sort on one attribute field. To sort on the geometry field or multiple fields, you need ArcGIS Desktop Advanced.

Basic (Please see license notes for more details.)Standard (Please see license notes for more details.)Advanced
Transfer Files Advanced
Generalization toolset
Eliminate Advanced
Eliminate Polygon Part Advanced
Geodatabase Administration toolset
Analyze Datasets StandardAdvanced
Change Privileges StandardAdvanced
Compress StandardAdvanced
Configure Geodatabase Log File Tables StandardAdvanced
Create Database Sequence StandardAdvanced
Create Database User StandardAdvanced
Create Enterprise Geodatabase StandardAdvanced
Create Role StandardAdvanced
Delete Database Sequence StandardAdvanced
Delete Schema Geodatabase StandardAdvanced
Diagnose Version Metadata StandardAdvanced
Diagnose Version Tables StandardAdvanced
Enable Enterprise Geodatabase StandardAdvanced
Export Geodatabase Configuration Keywords StandardAdvanced
Import Geodatabase Configuration Keywords StandardAdvanced
Migrate Storage StandardAdvanced
Rebuild Indexes StandardAdvanced
Register With Geodatabase StandardAdvanced
Repair Version Metadata StandardAdvanced
Repair Version Tables StandardAdvanced
Update Enterprise Geodatabase License StandardAdvanced
Update Portal Dataset Owner StandardAdvanced
Upgrade Dataset

ArcGIS Desktop Standard or Desktop Advanced license is required to upgrade mosaic datasets.

Upgrade Geodatabase

Only file geodatabases can be upgraded at the ArcGIS Desktop Basic license level. ArcGIS Desktop Standard or Desktop Advanced license is required to upgrade enterprise geodatabases.

Indexes toolset
Add Attribute IndexBasicStandardAdvanced
Add Spatial IndexBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove Attribute IndexBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove Spatial IndexBasicStandardAdvanced
Joins and Relates toolset
Add JoinBasicStandardAdvanced
Add RelateBasicStandardAdvanced
Join FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove JoinBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove RelateBasicStandardAdvanced
Validate JoinBasicStandardAdvanced
LAS Dataset toolset
Add Files To LAS DatasetRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystStandardAdvanced
Build LAS Dataset PyramidRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystStandardAdvanced
Create LAS DatasetRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystStandardAdvanced
LAS Dataset StatisticsRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystStandardAdvanced
LAS Point Statistics As RasterRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystStandardAdvanced
Remove Files From LAS DatasetRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystStandardAdvanced
Layers and Table Views toolset
Apply Symbology From LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Building LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Feature LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Image Server LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make LAS Dataset LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Mosaic LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Query LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Query TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Raster LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Scene LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make Table ViewBasicStandardAdvanced
Make TIN LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make WCS LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Make XY Event LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Match Layer Symbology To A StyleBasicStandardAdvanced
Save To Layer FileBasicStandardAdvanced
Select Layer By AttributeBasicStandardAdvanced
Select Layer By LocationBasicStandardAdvanced
Package toolset
Consolidate LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Consolidate LocatorBasicStandardAdvanced
Consolidate MapBasicStandardAdvanced
Consolidate ToolboxBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Map Tile PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Mobile Map Package

Some parameters are limited by the Publisher extension—see the tool reference page for more detail.

Basic (Please see license notes for more details.)Standard (Please see license notes for more details.)Advanced (Please see license notes for more details.)
Create Mobile Scene Package

Some parameters are limited by the Publisher extension—see the tool reference page for more detail.

Basic (Please see license notes for more details.)Standard (Please see license notes for more details.)Advanced (Please see license notes for more details.)
Create Vector Tile IndexBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Vector Tile PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Consolidate ProjectBasicStandardAdvanced
Extract PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Package LayerBasicStandardAdvanced
Package LocatorBasicStandardAdvanced
Package MapBasicStandardAdvanced
Package ProjectBasicStandardAdvanced
Package ResultBasicStandardAdvanced
Share PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Package/Scene Layers toolset
Create 3D Object Scene Layer PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Building Scene Layer PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Integrated Mesh Scene Layer PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Point Cloud Scene Layer PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Point Scene Layer PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Validate Scene Layer PackageBasicStandardAdvanced
Photos toolset
GeoTagged Photos To Points

Some parameters are limited by license level -- see tool reference page for more information.

Basic (Please see license notes for more details.)StandardAdvanced
Match Photos To Rows By Time

Some parameters are limited by license level -- see tool reference page for more information.

Basic (Please see license notes for more details.)StandardAdvanced
Projections and Transformations toolset
Batch ProjectBasicStandardAdvanced
Convert Coordinate NotationBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Custom Geographic TransformationBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Spatial ReferenceBasicStandardAdvanced
Define ProjectionBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster toolset
Project RasterBasicStandardAdvanced
Register RasterBasicStandardAdvanced
Warp From FileBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster toolset
Mosaic Dataset toolset
Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset StandardAdvanced
Alter Mosaic Dataset Schema StandardAdvanced
Analyze Mosaic Dataset StandardAdvanced
Build Boundary StandardAdvanced
Build Footprints StandardAdvanced
Build Mosaic Dataset Item Cache StandardAdvanced
Build Overviews StandardAdvanced
Build Seamlines StandardAdvanced
Calculate Cell Size Ranges StandardAdvanced
Clear Pixel CacheBasicStandardAdvanced
Color Balance Mosaic Dataset StandardAdvanced
Compute Dirty Area StandardAdvanced
Compute Mosaic Candidates StandardAdvanced
Create Mosaic Dataset StandardAdvanced
Create Referenced Mosaic Dataset StandardAdvanced
Define Mosaic Dataset NoData StandardAdvanced
Define Overviews StandardAdvanced
Delete Mosaic Dataset StandardAdvanced
Edit Raster Function StandardAdvanced
Export Mosaic Dataset Geometry StandardAdvanced
Export Mosaic Dataset Items StandardAdvanced
Export Mosaic Dataset Paths StandardAdvanced
Generate Exclude Area StandardAdvanced
Generate Raster CollectionBasicStandardAdvanced
Import Mosaic Dataset Geometry StandardAdvanced
Merge Mosaic Dataset Items StandardAdvanced
Mosaic Dataset to Mobile Mosaic DatasetBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove Rasters From Mosaic Dataset StandardAdvanced
Repair Mosaic Dataset Paths StandardAdvanced
Set Mosaic Dataset Properties StandardAdvanced
Split Mosaic Dataset Items StandardAdvanced
Synchronize Mosaic Dataset StandardAdvanced
Ortho Mapping toolset
Analyze Control Points StandardAdvanced
Append Control Points StandardAdvanced
Apply Block Adjustments StandardAdvanced
Build Stereo ModelBasicStandardAdvanced
Compute Block Adjustment

The tool requires the ArcGIS Desktop Advanced license when your Transformation Type is RPC or Frame.

Compute Camera Model Advanced
Compute Control Points StandardAdvanced
Compute Fiducials Advanced
Compute Tie Points StandardAdvanced
Generate Block Adjustment ReportBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate Point Cloud Advanced
Interpolate From Point Cloud Advanced
Match Control Points StandardAdvanced
Update Interior Orientation Advanced
Raster Dataset toolset
Copy RasterBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Random RasterRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystAdvanced
Create Raster DatasetBasicStandardAdvanced
Download RastersBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate Raster from Raster FunctionBasicStandardAdvanced
Mosaic To New RasterBasicStandardAdvanced
Workspace To Raster DatasetBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster Processing toolset
Composite BandsBasicStandardAdvanced
Compute Pan-sharpening WeightsBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Ortho Corrected Raster DatasetBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Pan-Sharpened Raster DatasetBasicStandardAdvanced
Extract SubdatasetBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate Table From Raster FunctionBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster To DTEDBasicStandardAdvanced
Split RasterBasicStandardAdvanced
Raster Properties toolset
Add ColormapBasicStandardAdvanced
Batch Build PyramidsBasicStandardAdvanced
Batch Calculate StatisticsBasicStandardAdvanced
Build PyramidsBasicStandardAdvanced
Build Pyramids and StatisticsBasicStandardAdvanced
Build Raster Attribute TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Calculate StatisticsBasicStandardAdvanced
Convert Raster Function TemplateBasicStandardAdvanced
Delete ColormapBasicStandardAdvanced
Delete Raster Attribute TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Export Raster World FileBasicStandardAdvanced
Get Cell ValueBasicStandardAdvanced
Get Raster PropertiesBasicStandardAdvanced
Set Raster PropertiesBasicStandardAdvanced
Relationship Classes toolset
Add Rule to Relationship ClassBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Relationship Class StandardAdvanced
Migrate Relationship Class StandardAdvanced
Remove Rule from Relationship ClassBasicStandardAdvanced
Set Relationship Class Split Policy StandardAdvanced
Table To Relationship Class StandardAdvanced
Sampling toolset
Create FishnetBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Random PointsRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystRequires 3D Analyst or Spatial AnalystAdvanced
Generate Points Along LinesBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate Rectangles Along LinesBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate TessellationBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate Transects Along LinesBasicStandardAdvanced
Subtypes toolset
Add SubtypeBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove SubtypeBasicStandardAdvanced
Set Default SubtypeBasicStandardAdvanced
Set Subtype FieldBasicStandardAdvanced
Table toolset
Analyze StandardAdvanced
Copy RowsBasicStandardAdvanced
Create TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Unregistered TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Delete RowsBasicStandardAdvanced
Get CountBasicStandardAdvanced
Pivot Table Advanced
Truncate TableBasicStandardAdvanced
Tile Cache toolset
Export Tile CacheBasicStandardAdvanced
Generate Tile Cache Tiling SchemeBasicStandardAdvanced
Import Tile CacheBasicStandardAdvanced
Manage Tile CacheBasicStandardAdvanced
Topology toolset
Add Feature Class to Topology StandardAdvanced
Add Rule to Topology StandardAdvanced
Create Topology StandardAdvanced
Export Topology ErrorsBasicStandardAdvanced
Remove Feature Class from Topology StandardAdvanced
Remove Rule from Topology StandardAdvanced
Set Cluster Tolerance StandardAdvanced
Validate Topology StandardAdvanced
Versions toolset
Add Field Conflict Filter StandardAdvanced
Alter Version StandardAdvanced
Change Version StandardAdvanced
Create Version StandardAdvanced
Delete Version StandardAdvanced
Reconcile Versions StandardAdvanced
Register as Versioned StandardAdvanced
Remove Field Conflict Filter StandardAdvanced
Unregister as Versioned StandardAdvanced
Workspace toolset
Create Cloud Storage Connection FileBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Database Connection StandardAdvanced
Create Database Connection StringBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Feature DatasetBasicStandardAdvanced
Create File GeodatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
Create FolderBasicStandardAdvanced
Create Spatial Type StandardAdvanced
Create SQLite DatabaseBasicStandardAdvanced
Clear Workspace CacheBasicStandardAdvanced
Export XML Workspace Document StandardAdvanced
Import XML Workspace Document StandardAdvanced
Update Geodatabase Connection Properties To Branch StandardAdvanced