Online help

By default, ArcGIS Pro uses the online help system. This system requires an internet connection and opens in a web browser. Topics in the online help system are organized thematically by a series of horizontal tabs. Each tab has a table of contents with sections that you can expand and browse.

ArcGIS Pro online help system


Horizontal tabs divide help topics into thematic categories. Each tab has a table of contents.


Breadcrumbs track your position in the table of contents.


In the table of contents, topics may be nested in sections and subsections.


The Other versions drop-down list allows you to view a topic for the current release or the previous release.


The Help archive link provides access to older versions of the online help that are not available on the Other versions drop-down list.

ArcGIS Pro online help system components

To search for topics by keyword, use the search box at the top of the page.

Online help search box

To provide feedback on a help topic, click the Feedback on this topic? link near the bottom of the page. Feedback is sent to the ArcGIS Pro documentation team. It is used to correct mistakes, improve clarity, and add information to help topics. If you have a question about how to accomplish a task, use the Esri Community link on the feedback form. If you encounter a technical problem with the software, use the Technical Support link.

Feedback link

To change the online help system language, click Switch Language Switch Language at the top or bottom of the page.

Switch Language button
Left: The Switch Language button at the top of the page is shown. Right: The Switch Language button at the bottom of the page is shown.


There is a delay between the publication of online help in English and translation to other supported languages. At each software release, new help topics are added. Non-English versions of these topics are unavailable at first. If you encounter a Page Not Found error for non-English help, you can use an online translation tool to translate the English help until the help for your language is available. Learn more about language options for the help system.

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