Application warning message notifications

When certain error conditions are detected by ArcGIS Pro, the application may show a warning message. The warning messages and steps you can take to resolve them are described in the sections and related topics below.

Low memory

If your computer's memory use rises to the point where ArcGIS Pro can't function normally, you may get the following warning:

Your computer is running low on memory. To free up memory, try closing any unneeded applications, and save your work before continuing.

If you get this warning, save your work, and close nonessential applications. You can also try closing and reopening ArcGIS Pro. If you see this warning frequently, consider upgrading your computer's memory (RAM).

Rendering error

The ArcGIS Pro user interface is built with Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), part of the Microsoft .NET Framework. By default, WPF draws the user interface with hardware-accelerated rendering that uses your computer's graphics adapter. If the default rendering method fails—for example, because of outdated video graphics drivers, video hardware bugs, or memory exhaustion—ArcGIS Pro will temporarily switch from WPF rendering to software rendering and display the following warning:

A .NET WPF rendering error has been detected. Try updating your video device driver, or consider disabling WPF hardware rendering.

If the warning appears frequently, consider updating your graphics drivers or graphics hardware. If these options do not help or are not possible, you can disable hardware acceleration for all WPF applications on your computer with a registry key setting.


Only advanced users should modify the system registry.

Clipboard busy

The Cut, Copy, and Paste commands use the Windows Clipboard to store and retrieve data. If the clipboard is busy processing a large amount of data, you may get the following warning:

The Windows Clipboard is currently busy or unable to process your request. Please wait until the current operation completes or try reducing the amount of data you are trying to copy or paste.

Because the clipboard is shared by all applications running on your computer, it may not be ArcGIS Pro that is locking the clipboard. You can either wait and try again, or close other applications that may be locking the clipboard.

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