Geometric constraints

Geometric constraints specify a direction or a distance relative to existing geometry for the current feature segment you are actively sketching. They are available as individual commands and as modes that operate with the active construction tool.

Constraint commands

While sketching a feature, right-click to apply one of the following constraints:


Parallel Parallel

Constrains the current segment parallel to an existing right-clicked feature segment.

Perpendicular Perpendicular

Constrains the current segment perpendicular to an existing right-clicked feature segment.

Vertical Vertical

Constrains the current z-aware segment vertically along the z-axis. Available only in 3D scenes.

Constraint modes

On the status bar at the bottom of the active map or scene, click the following constraint modes to turn them on and use them with the active construction tool:


Dynamic Constraints Dynamic Constraints

Dynamically displays text box controls onscreen in which you type values as you sketch a feature or rotate an existing feature.


This tool is Ground to Grid and COGO aware.

Inference Constraints Inference

Analyzes the current segment of an active sketch over which the pointer is hovering and displays inferred geometric constraints. When snapping is turned on, the pointer can snap to them using the active snap agents.