ArcGIS Pro 3.3 API Reference Guide
ArcGIS.Core.Data.Analyst3D Namespace / TinEdge Class / EdgeType Property

In This Topic
    EdgeType Property (TinEdge)
    In This Topic
    Gets the type of this TIN edge. This method must be called on the MCT. Use QueuedTask.Run.
    public TinEdgeType EdgeType {get;}
    Public ReadOnly Property EdgeType As TinEdgeType
    The type of an edge indicates whether or not it's an enforced breakline edge. If it's enforced the type will be equal to either TinEdgeType.HardEdge or TinEdgeType.SoftEdge. If it's not a breakline edge the type will equal TinEdgeType.RegularEdge.
    TIN Edges
    // nodes of the edge
    var nodes = edge.Nodes;
    // edge geometry
    var polyline = edge.ToPolyline();
    // edge length
    var length = edge.Length;
    // is the edge "inside"
    var isInsideEdge = edge.IsInsideDataArea;
    // edge type - regular/hard/soft
    var edgeType = edge.EdgeType;
    // get next (clockwise) edge in the triangle
    var nextEdge = edge.GetNextEdgeInTriangle();
    // get previous (anti-clockwise) edge in the triangle
    var prevEdge = edge.GetPreviousEdgeInTriangle();
    // get opposite edge
    var oppEdge = edge.GeNeighbor();
    // get left triangle
    var leftTriangle = edge.LeftTriangle;
    // get right triangle
    var rightTriangle = edge.RightTriangle;

    Target Platforms: Windows 11, Windows 10

    ArcGIS Pro version: 3.2 or higher.
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